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Cleaning Acoustical Ceiling Tiles After Fire Damage To Your Carmichael Home

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Acoustical Ceiling Tiles After Fire Damage To Your Carmichael Home Ceiling Tiles Fire & Smoke Residue Cleaning is Possible in Your Carmichael Business with SERVPRO's Help

SERVPRO Mitigates Costs and Disruptions with Carmichael Property Post Fire Clean Up

Fire damage is something every householder dreads. The stress and emotional trauma of dealing with the aftermath of the fire is difficult to go through. It is a stressful time, and naturally you are worried about restoring your home to its pre-fire state if possible. Thankfully SERVPRO is on hand to help with the cleanup job after a fire in your home.
Acoustical ceiling tiles are a popular choice for converted basement spaces. It is easy to create a cozy soundproof den or gaming area using sound absorbing tiles for a nice, quiet room. Unfortunately, these tiles are also notoriously difficult to clean following fire damage to your Carmichael home.
Acoustical tiles are porous and unsealed. This makes them excellent for absorbing sound and creating a relaxing environment. However, it also means they easily pick up stains such as soot. Particles get into the porous material and are hard to get out again.
SERVPRO has developed a cleaning process specifically for acoustical ceiling tiles: The Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning process. We designed this process to give porous tiles the best possible clean and remove as much soot as possible, without risking damage to the tiles. Cleaning up your tiles means you do not have to pay out for replacement tiles.
Our IICRC-certified technicians begin the process by vacuuming the entire ceiling. We understand that many cleaning and dusting cloths are not suitable for this type of ceiling because they can snag on the surface. So we take great care when vacuuming. Our team also comes equipped with brushes to remove larger soot residues.
The next stage is the application of Oxi-Zap hydrogen peroxide solution to all soot-stained areas of the ceiling. The hydrogen peroxide is applied using our Ultimate Upholstery Machine. The use of this machine by our trained experts ensures an even application that thoroughly penetrates the ceiling without damaging it. Rest assured that our team takes all necessary precautions during the application process for a safe and efficient job. SERVPRO technicians clear the area as much as possible and cover any items that cannot be move. We use safety goggles and respirators at all times.
Our aim is to clean your ceiling tiles so that no evidence of soot damage remains and your home looks like your own again, "Like it never even happened." If you need help cleaning up after fire damage, give SERVPRO of Carmichael a call at (916) 967-2500 today.

Flood Damage Cleanup in Carmichael

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Cleanup in Carmichael Our SERVPRO company takes all the precautionary measures needed to ensure your home is back in shape quickly.

Carmichael Flood Damage Cleanup & Removal 

Severe damage to lives and properties can occur from flood disasters. Nothing is spared that is in the path of a flood, and even landscapes are drastically affected. Heavy rainfall and busted pipes are two of the causes of flood disasters. When a flood suddenly occurs, the safest places in most cases are protective areas and higher grounds within the area.

Damages Caused by Flooding

Flood damage cannot be over emphasized. Properties including houses, cars, and furniture can be affected severely, with some even being beyond repair. No matter how low the tide of a flood is, its impact in an area which is densely-populated can destroy entire communities, affecting your Carmichael home and the homes around you.

As a property owner, if you fail to insure your Carmichael property against flooding, you must deal with the full effects of the flood damage. Therefore, it is advisable to get property insurance which covers against natural disasters such as floods. When a flood does occur, SERVPRO not only helps you clean up the mess and fix the damages, but they can speak with your insurance company as well to take some of the pressure and responsibilities off you during this troubling time.

As a flood damage restoration company, SERVPRO provides you with reliable advice on the steps you need to take after a flood. Before beginning our recovery service, we inspect the damage with our team of professionals and carry out a thorough analysis of the extent of damage from the flooding. After this analysis is complete, repairs and cleaning services take place.

Our company takes all the precautionary measures needed to ensure your home is back in shape quickly. Once we have completely dried up the water, our technicians help you dispose of wet appliances and property which are irreparable and could be dangerous to the health of you and your family. We check for mold as well and wet equipment and appliances. Mold growth can be prevented with the use of the proper cleansers which we use.

Once all repairs are made, we perform a thorough check to make sure all is intact. We secure your property to stop further flood damage, and you should take pictures before and after repairs, as they can be necessary for presentation to your insurance company for your claim.


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SERVPRO of Carmichael reacts fast in your time of need after a flood, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away. You can reach us easily, anytime, by dialing (916) 967-2500.

Watch For These Signs of Water Damage in Your Carmichael Home

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Watch For These Signs of Water Damage in Your Carmichael Home Water Damage Mitigation in process

Water damage is sometimes obvious. The damage is easy to see after a flood, a burst pipe, or an overflowing toilet or sink. Water damage also happens in less noticeable ways. This is caused by an undetected leak or seepage. Some key causes of water damage are a damaged pipe, a leaking washing machine or dishwasher, seepage from your garden, and a leak in your roof or guttering. SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians are trained to deal with water damage from any source and restore your home.

Water damage in your Carmichael home is unpleasant and causes harm to your belongings and the structure of your home. Look out for these common signs of water damage:

Water Pooling

Always look for the cause of any pool of water, no matter how small. A pool of water means something in your home has leaked, or water has got in from the outside.


Water damage causes mold. Look out for telltale signs of mold in your home or on your belongings.

Stains On Ceilings Or Walls

Water damage often leaves behind a discolored stain. Be aware of any new stains on your walls or ceiling.

Unpleasant Smells

Unseen water often stagnates and causes an unpleasant smell. A musty or moldy smell is an indicator of potential water damage.

Sagging Walls or Ceilings

The build up of water over time saturates wall and ceiling materials and eventually causes them to sag. Walls or ceilings that have suffered enough water damage to buckle are unsafe, and it is vital to seek professional assistance at once.

Damp Floors

Damp floors are a sure sign of water damage. Obvious signs include wet patches or stains on floors of all kinds and visibly damp areas on wood floors. Check carpets and rugs regularly for damp patches and lift them up to check underneath.

The first thing to do when you notice water damage is put in a call to SERVPRO. Our IICRC trained technicians arrive fully equipped to assess the extent of the problem and devise the most effective drying plan for your home. We have both truck-mounted, and free standing pumps to remove water. Our teams bring air movers and dehumidifiers to aid the drying process. Our aim is to dry out your home and belongings - “like it never even happened.”

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SERVPRO of Carmichael is on hand to help with water damage to your home. Call (916) 967-2500 for assistance.

The Most Effective Mold Remediation Methods

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Most Effective Mold Remediation Methods Extensive mold growth in Folsom closet.

Many renters and homeowners fear the word 'mold.' The imagination goes immediately to what some people call Black Mold and are worried that they will lose their homes and property. Excessive mold growth is a rare occurrence and normally seen only in structures abandoned for an extended period.

Mold damage in Carmichael is a much smaller concern when dealt with by a professional restoration company. SERVPRO has decades of experience in finding, cleaning and removing mold from apartments, houses, and condos.

Mold is in the air of every structure in Sacramento and Placer County except for special, clean rooms such as surgical bays. In most cases, it is entirely harmless to people, animals, homes and other property. What triggers a mold growth is an increase in moisture which helps microscopic mold spores expand and begin to grow, looking for a food source.

The first step is an inspection. Our inspectors examine every visible surface for traces of mold and use air content meters to help determine the origin of the infestation. Each step is recorded to include taking digital photographs and samples.

Once our inspectors discover mold, they determine if it is toxic or non-toxic. They accomplish this by testing the air quality inside a home. If it tests as non-toxic, then residents can return to natural areas of the home as our technicians clean and remove the mold.

To begin removing the mold growth, we first isolate the affected area. Technicians secure plastic sheeting over all openings and set up an area for workers to remove cleaning suits to prevent spreading mold spores to other parts of the home. They also block all vents and seal off access to the HVAC system until the mold has been neutralized and removed.

While cleaning occurs, other technicians establish negative pressure in the affected area. Exhaust fans are placed at exit points such as windows to blow all spores loosened by the cleaning process out of the home.

Every surface in the affected area is wiped down and cleaned from ceilings to floors. If mold is on carpets or walls, then technicians determine if these items are salvageable or if must be disposed of outside the structure. We have an extensive inventory of anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleaners that are safely used on ducts, furniture, walls and other personal property.

SERVPRO of Carmichael is a locally owned franchise. It is our privilege to serve our neighbors and help them through a disaster. If you suspect you have an old infestation, call us at (916) 967-2500 today to schedule an inspection.

SERVPRO Works Hard to Get Your Business Reopened After a Fire

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage   SERVPRO Works Hard to Get Your Business Reopened After a Fire Protect Your Place of Business in Carmichael with Fire Extinguishers

Fire engulfs an automotive supply shop, destroying inventory consisting of mainly shocks, struts, starters, alternators, and batteries. The fire ignited due to a chemical container failure affecting surrounding items. 

You may imagine that fire damage like this put this Roseville shop out of business, but you'd be wrong. Replacing inventory is relatively easy, the hard decision here is locating a quality company to perform the services you need to restore the structure of your building. There are several unique challenges faced during different fire situations, and we have experience dealing with all of them. SERVPRO highly recommends to keep fire extinguishers handy and available throughout your establishment.
SERVPRO technicians overcome various cleaning challenges, daily. A burning building consists of several complex reactions between different elements. We learn that fire damage presents different cleaning and restoration situations that depend greatly on how these different elements interact during the progress of a fire. When dealing with the removal of smoke residues, we consider several factors.
Type - More porous surfaces allow particles and odors to penetrate further and are harder to clean. Non-porous surfaces such as those covered in enamel paint are easier to clean than a flat latex paint would be. While synthetic fibers attract more residue than natural fibers, synthetics are easier to clean.
Age - As time progresses, old paint, fabrics, and carpeting become more porous, and adhesion to surfaces become weaker, making old surfaces harder to clean.
Heat - Generally, hotter fires make surfaces expand, allowing residue and odors to penetrate more efficiently. While heat also chars materials or melts the finish on a surface, making refinishing required to restore the surface properly.
Moisture - The right conditions help residues set faster and permanently stain surfaces. Fire suppression systems and Firefighting efforts, along with damp weather and normal condensation on various surfaces combine with smoke residues, causing surfaces to become discolored.
Material - Different materials produce different kinds of residues. Synthetic materials such as plastics and rubber create a wet, smeary residue that stains surfaces. Wood and other natural materials leave behind a dry residue that is easier to clean.
Air Pressure - As the temperature of fire increases, air expands, creating pressure systems that force smoke and soot into cracks and crevices.
Impingement - During a fire, the surrounding air becomes hotter, causing increased movement. This fast moving air collides with surfaces throughout the structure, causing residues to collide with vertical surfaces, leaving behind more difficult stains.
With knowledge of these different factors that cause changes during a fire event, SERVPRO technicians work hard to deliver the services you need to restore your business to a quality pre-loss condition.
Contact SERVPRO of Carmichael for assistance today. (916) 967-2500

April Storms Coming to Sacramento

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage April Storms Coming to Sacramento Flooding potential is high in parts of Sacramento.

SERVPRO Is Prepared to Help You If Emergency Services Are Needed 

A severe weather pattern, carrying torrential rains, ice, and snow, at higher elevations, will pummel the West Coast for up to a week beginning April 7th, 2017. Significant amounts of precipitation threaten the most dangerous flooding the northern portion of the Central Valley has experienced since at least 1997 if not 1986. Drought-lowered reservoirs may overflow and aquifers will become supersaturated, unable to absorb the rain predicted to fall. Up to 16 inches of rain are expected, triggering widespread flooding and mudslides. Save SERVPRO's number on your phone right now to ensure a call that delivers the full menu of solutions we offer if storm damage and flooding jeopardize your Sacramento area home and safety over the next week.
Residents of Carmichael must be ready for this micro storm, protecting the outside perimeter of your property with sandbags provided by their municipality or home improvement outlets if you live on the floodplain. Safeguard the contents of your home by moving items to the upper levels of your dwelling, or raising them off the floor with pallets or shelving. Cover valuables and porous furnishings with plastic sheeting, for an added measure of protection, should roofs or windows fail during the micro storm. Check storm drains on the streets near you property before the heavy rain begins. If leaves, branches, or other debris block them, take the time and effort to clear the curbside grids. This debris removal will help the sewer system in your neighborhood reduce standing water, a proactive measure that takes a little time to do, yet may provide big benefits.
Visit our website for other crucial tips to ready your home and family for the demands of the coming storm, and any damage that follows. Prepare mentally, including devising a plan to evacuate your home safely should officials demand you move and the conditions require it. SERVPRO has weathered severe storms and flooding in your area before, standing ready to formulate an immediate plan for your property if the worst happens. We are monitoring the micro storm and will mobilize a Disaster Recovery Team to assist you and your neighbors as the damage reports begin accumulating. Your local franchise has the resources of a nationwide network of flood and storm damage professionals. Experienced restoration technicians, with the equipment and materials necessary to return your home to pre-storm condition, are awaiting instructions to respond to your area's potential disaster right now.
With SERVPRO of Carmichael on speed dial, you take the first step toward normalizing the devastation that may follow the weekend's micro storm. Call (916) 967-2500 to reserve your priority status as our Disaster Recovery Team moves into action.

Commercial Client Benefits

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Client Benefits Water damage cleanup and restoration after storm.

Multi-family, Residential and Commercial Property Managers


If you work in the property management industry you understand the value of a quick response and fast turn around time when it comes to an emergency situation. A quick response time can mean a reduction in the size and scope of the damage, It can also mean the difference between having a chance at saving business critical documents and equipment for the clients that are most important to you.


Multi-family, residential and commercial properties throughout the region have seen better days. Despite proper maintenance, many 30 to 50 year old structures were in danger of slowly succumbing to the severe showers saturating Sacramento in early spring.


Carmichael experienced record setting rainfall, causing intermittent flooding throughout the area. Strong winds ravaged roofs, hurling twisted limbs and branches into gutters, which sagged under the weight of rainwater. Our crews were out mitigating various types of water damage, re-mediating and restoring apartment complexes, commercial offices, retail establishments, and government property.


Commercial Client Benefits


Choosing SERVPRO of Carmichael for your commercial damage mitigation accrues you benefits not limited to:



    • Working with you to tailor the solution to you, priding ourselves in accurate and straightforward communication.


    • 34 years of experience sets us apart from the competition, we are the leader in commercial damage mitigation.


    • Every large commercial loss is supervised by a local commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation.


    • The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are pre-qualified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster.



We are Faster to Any Disaster!


An extra wet winter meant SERVPRO of Carmichael answered the call for commercial property managers in the following areas:



    • Crosswoods


    • Greengate


    • Sunrise Oaks


    • Sierra Gardens


    • Hillcrest


    • Crest Haven


    • Sierra Vista


    • Lead Hill



Call us today!


Contact the Commercial Fire and Water damage experts at SERVPRO of Carmichael when you discover damage at your business. Call (916) 967-2500 to set up an appointment for an inspection and consultation.

You can count on SERVPRO for Flood Restoration

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage You can count on SERVPRO for Flood Restoration Count of SERVPRO of Carmichael for your water damage restoration.

The US knows all about floods. Every year, a major storm or hurricane (sometimes several) rampages along the coast and causes hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. These incidents leave homeowners feeling helpless because it is tough to prevent water intrusion at such a depth and volume.

Fortunately, restoration teams like SERVPRO are on hand to pick up the pieces after flooding. While flood damage in Carmichael homes is unpleasant, it does not have to be permanent. We have all of the skills and tools that you need for effective repairs. We clean wet carpets (if not contaminated), scrub stained walls and eliminate bad smells.

Today, we are going to clear up some myths about residential flooding. So, keep reading to find out more about certified flood damage restoration.

Restoration is a Luxury
Whether your home is full of standing water or just residually wet after flooding, it is at risk of further damage. Where there is moisture, there is a risk of rust, rot, and mold. The difference between drying items yourself and having the experts do it is that we remove as much liquid as is technically possible. We remove all of the water that you cannot see with the naked eye; in the air, in your fabrics, in your HVAC system, etc. True restoration does begin with pumping out floodwater, but that is only the first step. We do this so we can get to the hidden sources of moisture. For SERVPRO, the job starts with drying on a molecular level, via dehumidifiers and air movers.

Restoration Means Drying
Drying is clearly the most important part of flood damage remediation. However, it is not the only service that we offer. In fact, our company provides a comprehensive restoration package. The aim is to try and bring your home back to its pre-flood condition, "Like it never even happened." So, our technicians may have to repaint, apply new plasterboard, and lift carpets to dry subflooring.

In the past, we have replaced damaged wood, supervised the removal of asbestos, and worked with a wide variety of insurance agents, contractors and professionals. Depending on the task, we may suggest a third party for repairs, SERVPRO partners with others to provide a seamless full service to you.

Real Experts Can Save Almost Anything
The thing to remember about flood repairs is that they depend on a large number of different factors. In many cases, the liquid is gray water. It is likely to contain debris, chemicals and bacteria, but we can dry and clean it and return items to their former condition. Unfortunately, this is not true of black water, high in hazardous materials. Black water contains sewage or highly toxic materials. We can clean non-porous items because the danger sits only on their surface. However, porous materials (curtains, carpets, drapes, clothing, soft toys, etc.) absorb toxins and require safe disposal. Where essential structural materials are involved, we can organize appropriate repairs.

SERVPRO of Carmichael offers a local service. We provide flood damage repairs to residents in the Carmichael, Citrus Heights and Roseville areas. Whether your flooding is an emergency or a minor problem, our technicians can solve it. Call us 24/7 at (916) 967-2500.

Fire Damage near Hill Crest

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage near Hill Crest Home fire damage

While the last thing anyone would ever want to do is take something away from the services that our firefighters perform on a daily basis, putting the fire out is only the beginning. Homeowners often get stuck with communicating damages that they do not understand, to a restoration company they do not know or have never used before. How can you tell whom to trust?

First, it is never too early to contact a local restoration company near Hillcrest to discuss fire damage or other services that they have available. The company you contact should be more than willing to explain what they can do for you and answer any questions that come to mind.
Take the time to research your local company fully, discover everything you can about them and make sure that you feel comfortable about using them before you let them perform any restoration services on your property. It does not hurt to form a relationship with a company, like SERVPRO, before emergency issues become necessary, the right company is willing to help you prevent as well as recover.
Just keep in mind that checking for certifications is important, the company you use should be IICRC certified and follow rigorous safety and restoration guidelines provided by the EPA and OSHA. These certifications show proof that the technicians performing repairs in your home have the correct training and specialize in restoring your home to a quality condition.
SERVPRO offers a variety of services including, fire, water, storm, and mold remediation services. They help you manage the entire situation from beginning to end and help you get things under control quickly. However, one of the most valuable services anyone can offer is safety.
Before any work begins on your property, SERVPRO technicians fully inspect the surrounding area looking for any possible hazards that exist. Electrical, structural, and slip – trip and fall hazards are all too common. Keeping you, your family, and our team of technicians safe during your restoration process takes priority.
Looking for help with fire damage restoration, contact us for help. SERVPRO of Carmichael can give you the services you need and get you the peace of mind you deserve. (916) 967-2500

IICRC Principles Used To Combat Mold Damage Situations In Your Carmichael Home

3/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation IICRC Principles Used To Combat Mold Damage Situations In Your Carmichael Home SERVPRO uses the proper handling and disposal methods while maintaining personal and structural safety throughout your property.

Combat Mold Damage Issues In Your Carmichael House with IICRC Principles 

According to the IICRC training that every SERVPRO technician utilizes during your repairs, there are five specific outlines concerning the major principles of mold remediation in your home. We train hard to ensure that each of these standards gets addressed during mold remediation services we provide on your Carmichael property.

After all, you want expertly trained professionals responding to any mold damage conditions present in your Carmichael area home. Reading about the benefits of having an IICRC certified technician perform the mitigation and restoration services in your home helps provide you a level of peace of mind and added confidence in your technician's ability.

These principles include:

1. Always ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.
2. Perform a post-cleanup assessment to determine the extent of damage present.
3. Control the spread of mold.
4. Properly dispose of contaminated materials.
5. Limit future contamination or recontamination.

No one, not even a professional assigned to address the situation in your home should ever rely solely on chemicals for mold remediation purposes. Bleach and other chemicals have some effect on mold but cannot kill all of the microscopic mold spores that exist. Therefore, physical removal of any affected materials becomes necessary to complete the job with the most success.

SERVPRO technicians locate the moisture issue causing the problem and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible while removing any existing water from even the smallest, hard-to-reach areas of your home. Containment and safety procedures allow us to limit exposure of affected areas and prevent spreading the infection further.

SERVPRO uses the proper handling and disposal methods while maintaining personal and structural safety throughout your property. We use personal protective equipment such as masks, boots, gloves, and goggles to prevent contamination.

Controlling the area throughout the remediation process with negative airflow equipment, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, HEPA filtered vacuums and a variety of different remediation equipment as necessary.

Keep in mind that obtaining testing to identify the type of mold that is contaminating your home is a waste of time and resources. Any mold found in your home, regardless of type or amount, needs to be addressed immediately and treated as hazardous to your health.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Do not take any chances, seek professional mold remediation services at the first signs of contamination. Contact SERVPRO of Carmichael today for the expert help you deserve. (916) 967-2500